This page lists those classmates that have completed the on-line RSVP form or purchased a ticket(s).  Names of classmates are organized alphabetically by last name at graduation and by class.  Unfortunately, the software was not designed to accommodate reunions involving multiple class years and is otherwise a series of compromises the developers made initially to meet different priorities.   So, we've made a couple of decisions that we thought would work the best for the two classes.  For example, we  added your class year ('68 or '69)  to the beginning of your last name so the software would group individuals by class.   Secondly, to avoid  confusion that might come about by adding unfamiliar names,  we've only listed individuals from the Classes of '68 and '69 at W-L.   We're thrilled to have spouses and guests attend to celebrate with us and hope that  you'll understand.  
Ann '68 Howard (Turpyn)
Anna '69 Reyner (Reyner)
Barbara '69 Olson (Van Cleef)
Barry '69 Dineen
Belinda '69 Clegg (Pittard)
Betsy '69 Pearce (Good)
Bill '68 Sheppard
Bill '69 Wilber
Carol '68 Quaintance
Cathy '68 Clark
Charlie '67 McAdams
Charlie '69 Batten
Christina '69 Vakas (Feldman)
Chuck '68 Sara
Connie '69 McAdams (Williams)
Cynthia '69 Booth (Santoli)
Diane '68 Anello
Don '68 Orndorff
Dorothy Elaine (Lainie) '68 Tingen (Silny)
Dotti '69 Blum (Blum)
Frank '69 Wharam
Frederick '69 Carmichael
Gayle '69 McConnell
Jack '68 Kinkaid
Jane '68 Savage (LaBerge)
Jim '69 Storie
Joan '69 Gilbert (Fredericks)
Joanna '69 Chobot
Joanne '69 Zunzer (Lasko)
John '68 O'Neill
Jon '68 Burleson
Kaila '69 Smith (Wilkes)
Karen '68 Kennedy (Field)
Kathryn '68 Ray
Kathy '69 McAnear (Smith)
Linda '69 Rowland (Burrow)
Lorraine '69 Drance (Walton)
Louis '68 Fogg
Margaret (Penny) '69 Ricker (Carmichael)
Marilyn '68 McAdams (O'Neil)
Marilyn '69 Johnson (Smith)
Mary Lib '68 Henry (Tomb)
Michael '68 Martin
Michael '69 Natrella
Norma '68 Day (Davis)
Norris E. '69 Sills
Philip '69 Nelson
Philo '68 Funk (Rosenfeld)
Raymond '68 German
Ric '68 Jacobsen
Rich '68 Rose
Richard '69 Collegeman
Rob '69 Shultz
Rob '69 Spauls
Ross '69 Harding
Scott '68 Van Cleef
Susan '69 Cahill (Cahill-Aylward)
Susan '69 Wells (Wigler)
Taci '68 Zunzer
Teresa '68 Brandts (Rusnak)
Terry '69 Hill (Brown)
Thomas '68 Hill
Tim '69 Dehne
Tom '69 Huey
Vicki '69 Wallington (Pasquin)