Listed below are several recommendations of hotels for classmates coming from out of town  (see below). In the past, we've reserved a block of rooms. We decided against that this year because of the unreasonable conditions that hotels wanted to impose on the group and the lack of any meaningful price break.  After reviewing information for many hotels (there are hundreds in the area), three (3) are identified below that are close together in Arlington (Ballston) and close to the metro to facilitate people getting together. The rates listed are for the dates of our reunion but of course, they could change at any time.

Many of you may belong to one or more hotel rewards clubs for Hilton, Marriott, or Holiday Inn and have other pricing options available to you that may be better than those listed below.  So, we recommend checking the prices on line or by calling your hotel rewards club.

We know you may not be sure at this time whether you will be coming to the reunion; and it may seem early to book a hotel room for next October. But, room availability is difficult to predict close to the reunion date.   So, we recommend booking a room early if coming to the reunion is a possibility for you next year. Room fees are completely refundable provided that you make the cancellation by the time/date indicated.